22″ NEC MultiSync Widescreen LCD Monitor – 1366 x 768 – 60HZ

NEC Monitors:

Sharp NEC has a reputation for making monitors with incredible features that make the company stand out as the premier choice for photo editors. NEC designs its monitors for Business use. That means that these screens are made to be easy on the eyes but last through the years. High-quality internal speakers and other features make these monitors ready for anything without costly additional equipment requirements. 

The 22″ NEC widescreen is legendary in the office equipment space. These monitors have helped hundreds of offices connect to their PCs for decades. Custom molded parts and attention to detail mean this screen suits even the most high-use environments. Similarly, the display uses innovative technology, allowing the crisp colors to last longer than other monitors on the market.

Product Info:

The NEC LCD monitor keeps durability in mind. The high-quality screen and the rugged build ensure your staff will use these monitors for many years. A Backlit screen provides bright colors and high contrast and reduces strain on the eyes. The screen also features universal connections for almost every computer. This widescreen display is the industry standard if you want to set up a team in an office.

Tech Specs:

  • 21.5 in with FHD 1080 LED display technology
  • HDMI, VGA hardware interfaces
  • Built-in desk mount
  • 6.28 pounds
  • wide 176°/170° viewing angle
  • 1680 x 1050 native resolution
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • 5ms response time